The tech office employee of the future …

9th April, 2012 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

I was reading about the new eyeglasses Google is coming out with where you can view the computer screen from the glasses … Google Goggles is not the name (Project Glass is), and then I read an article about the Kinetic games where you move your hands and/or feet and the video responds … take this a few steps further, add to the equation Cloud computing, super high speed connectivity, and continued reduction of corporate overhead, and one can envision rows and rows of employees sitting at long benches wearing computer glasses or contacts, with their hands using virtual recognition so there is no need for separate computers or monitors … now we can get down to 30 square feet per employee, just enough for your seat and room to be able to get up without bumping a coworker when you need to use the restroom … is that depressing or what?

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