7th Reason You Should Use Tenant Represenation

19th February, 2014 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

#7 (out of 143) reason to use an Exclusive Tenant Representation on your office lease renewal or relocation – at different points in time, and with each landlord having different ‘hot buttons’ and lease concessions, the astute tenant rep broker, having spent his or her career knowing the differences between landlords, what deals were just signed with what rent, TI’s, lease concessions, etc. can guide the client toward maximum achievable concessions. One property owner may be willing to give a new five year tenant six months free rent, while two doors down another may play hard ball, only giving two months free rent. There is almost  always no cost to the tenant for using a Tenant Rep broker, but oh so many benefits….

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