Cost-Effective Lighting Retro Fits Can Lead To Huge Savings:

27th February, 2014 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

Cost-effective lighting retro fits can lead to huge savings.

  1. Occupancy or vacancy sensors foreclosed spaces as conference spaces are occupied 30-70% of the time ,offices 35% of the time, and bathrooms 10% of the time. Estimated payback: two years.
  2. Daylight harvesting ($65-180 per workstation for sensors and wireless controls), ROI 5 years, daylight harvesting can save 10-35% of lighting energy.
  3. Task lighting, reduce ceiling lighting, delamping costs $32 per employee, and LED task lighting $164 comes to a 40% total lighting energy savings. (Buildings, January 2014)

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