Another business forecast predicting there won’t be a full job recovery in Northern California until the end of 2012…

14th July, 2009 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

and finally a report that in my opinion is too negative…I have been guestapredicting¬† for the past two years a recovery by 2011 and that still feels about right…but daily I seem to hear about more industries shedding jobs…today the conversation was about all the law firms with diminished associate ranks and thus less office space needs…and a few days ago I read a report where in California manufacturing jobs are leaving at rates 200-300% higher than those experienced in states such as Oregon, Texas and Arizona…and with the California budget crisis appearing to worsen with threatened tax increases and hikes in fees this does not look well for the medium and long-term job future…

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