“Too Much Of A Good Thing?”

4th March, 2014 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

By headlines in the Feb. 21, 2014 San Francisco Business Times “Too Much Of A Good Thing?” questioning whether SF has too many tech jobs. Let’s see too many 20 & 30 year olds making $100,000 or more, running around eating out at local restaurants, shopping at local merchants, working for Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce – […] Read More

A new study about workplace satisfaction …

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Done by UC Berkeley (where I received my BS and MBA, hooray!) found that washrooms top the list of common comment themes … other top issues: Cleaning, either incomplete, disruptive or insufficient; Temperature, too hot, too cold; Air Quality, dust lack, of fresh air, mold, odors; Carpet Walls and Furniture, dirtiness, need for better or […] Read More

“The office sector continues to suffer from corporate cost-cutting and lack of hiring.

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Office employment dropped 2.5 million workers during the recession, and since October 2009, companies have hired about 300,000 office workers – not close to the minimum to reduce office vacancies and stabilize net operating incomes … Given the cost-conscious culture engulfing corporate America and the bleak overall outlook for employment in general, rents are likely […] Read More

Folks have been reminding me of the recent positive job growth news, at least in relationship to last year when it was month after month of job loss announcements.

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While I am cheered by the slow change in employment direction there are still reports coming out showing the actual unemployment rate has risen for this area, and announcements like Chevron made this morning about laying off 925 employees in Concord and San Ramon, which may translate into their giving up 185,000 square feet of […] Read More

SIOR Professional Report 1st Quarter 2010 reported that nationally November 2009 registered a gain of 4,000 jobs, but the U.S. economy lost 85,000 in December … ”

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we will need the return of the 7.24 million jobs that will have been lost to the recession, plus an additional 1.5 million jobs, to fill the new space that came online since December 2007 …  We suspect that this level of job increase will not occur until late 2014 or early 2015.  If we […] Read More