By 2025, 76 million Millennials…

14th April, 2014 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

“By 2025, 76 million Millennials will comprise nearly 75% of the world’s workforce.” (The Grindstone 2012) Tweet This Post Read More

Multi-generation workspace…

30th August, 2013 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - 8 Comments

Three generations of workers, side by side, as baby boomers now in their 60’s and 70’s delay retirement, and share the same workforce with ‘kids’ young enough to be their grandchildren… Generational training programs help bridge the understanding gap between those who grew up on fax machine, and 8-tracks, and the new mobile generation texting […] Read More

The new 2 million square foot office campus planned for San Francisco will be LEED Platinum,

19th July, 2011 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

with rooftop solar panels, rainwater collection and storage, reuse of “greywater” for landscape irrigation, possibly wind turbines in towers, functional windows and piped water that has been chilled underground.  They are also planning substantially more bicycle parking than the guidelines suggest, and although I didn’t see this in the report, most likely lots of charging […] Read More

McAfee, the security software firm, saves 30-40% in salary and benefits

14th April, 2010 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

when they hire outside of California, and out of their 6,500 employee workforce only 900 work in Silicon Valley.  They moved 1,000 back-office jobs to Texas, expanded research centers in Oregon and Ontario, and employ most of their workforce in … India … Tweet This Post Read More

Job cuts and more job cuts does not bode well for office building rent stabilization…

25th June, 2009 - Posted by Jeffrey S. Weil, MCR.h, SIOR - No Comments

Here in the San Francisco East Bay hundreds of job cuts were announced this week, including a food distributor and a school bus service, and I know of a number of major office shutdowns, some which have not yet been announced, which will add to this figure later this year. on the national level GM […] Read More