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office space for introverts

Introverts have issues with open-plan office space and need to be able to access ‘private space’ from time to time. An estimated 35% of the workforce are introverts. Steelcase surveyed 39,000 workers and found that 95% of them at some point needed access to a private space, whether it be to call their doctor or spouse, or handle a special client. Susan Cain, who in 2012 published her bestseller ‘Quiet’ teamed up with office furniture designer Steelcase to come out with new sealed room concepts ranging from 48 to 100 square feet. “Flow”, which evokes a library, has a desk and library shelves for focus work. “Mindshare” has two chairs and a wall-embedded computer screen for team brainstorming. “Be Me” and “Studio” allows workers to decompress, meditate or take a company-sanctioned short nap. There is no prediction of any return to private offices, as the open plan, increased workforce in a smaller footprint is here to stay, but a recognition that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

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